Tuesday, May 12, 2015

City of Milwaukee, Boundary, Population, Zip Codes

City of Milwaukee boundary:
Ref. City of Milwaukee  http://city.milwaukee.gov/Plansandstudies/CitywidePolicyPlan.htm#.VVITE5PQOLU


Population: 599,164 (2013 U.S Census est.).

Ref. City of Milwaukee July, 2014, draft report, Growing Prosperity, An action agenda for economic development in the city of Milwaukee (http://media.jrn.com/documents/growing-prosperity-draft-7-2-14.pdf).


Population density: (2010 U.S. Census est.):

Ref. Milw. Police Dept. (http://city.milwaukee.gov/police#.VVIauJPQOLV).

Zip Codes:
Ref. Milwaukee Dept. of City Development (http://www.mkedcd.org/purchasingpower/purchpowerzipmap.html).

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